Feeling Christmassy yet ?

Throughout December, as part of our Waste-Free Christmas Campaign, our aim is to help you celebrate the yule-time period sustainably (without skimping on the festivities :)). We have recipe ideas, inspiration for presents (check out our sustainable gift list here) and lots of competitions to win sustainable stocking fillers on our Facebook page.

When it comes to decorations, some of you will enjoy a spot of DIY and already be experts in making your own from candles, feathers, pinecones and the like. We don’t need to tell you twice that some string and gold spray can go a long way!

But if you don’t have the time or inclination to break open the glitter glue, then we have some suggestions below for waste-free dECOrations (geddit?) !

1. Wrapping Paper 

There is nothing quite like the childlike glee that a expertly wrapped gift prompts. 

But unfortunately, wrapping paper normally can’t be recycled as it is often dyed, laminated and/or contains non-paper additives such as gold and silver coloured shapes, glitter, plastics etc. 

Here are some of our suggestions for how to combat creating piles of un-recyclable waste:

  • If you are buying, choose plain recyclable wrapping or tissue paper over metallic or wax-coated papers that are destined for landfill. We are particular fans of re-wrapped, with their range of Christmas wrapping paper designs. Check them out here.


  • We recently stumbled across HappyWrap, which makes beautiful fabric wrapping paper which can be reused time and time again. With all sorts of lovely designs, this is an investment that will save you the inevitable anguish of getting in a mess with sellotape


  • If you’re feeling creative, why not use old magazines, a child’s paintings, maps or old comic books to wrap presents and fasten with string or ribbon so you don’t even need tape. 
  • If you are sending something fragile in the post and need some padding in your parcel, why not make some popcorn, put it in zip lock bags and use to protect the item? The recipient can eat on arrival or, if crushed, use it as a topping for soup or yogurt!  If you look forward to popping bubble wrap, release your frustration here!

2. Christmas cards

Christmas cards are always lovely to give and receive but they do create a lot of waste and can rapidly add-up, cost wise. Why not reuse your favourite cards for family present tags. Or even better, make your own.. Again some gold spray and card can go along way!

Alternatively e-cards save gallons of petrol from the Royal Mail. 

For an environmentally friendly card, head to Nigel’s Eco Store for sustainable wooden postcards that you can carve your message into!

wooden cards

Nigel also has some tips for a green christmas here. There, now you have no excuse!

3. Crackers :

Crackers are great fun to have at Christmas dinner, but with the packaging, the paper hats and the toys that go un-used, they leave a lot of waste. So how can we source them responsibly? Firstly, ensure that you recycle all leftover card. There are plenty of crackers available that are made from recycled materials. Furthermore, you can even buy crackers made out of seed paper, which you plant in the garden after use.

We recommend these eco-friendly, handmade crackers from Sophia Victoria Joy :


Lastly, if stockings are big in your family – some big long woolley socks can do the trick or if you are feeling more ambitious, how about designing your own with a pillow case that you can use year after year?

We would love to know your tips for decorating responsibly and if you have been particularly creative, send us your snaps!

Look out for our Christmas recipe suggestions and more present ideas to come!

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